Food For Thought

Here at Bespoke Fitness we aren’t big fans of quick fix diets and the rapid results approach, although they do have their place and work for some people in the short term.

The majority of the people that come to work with us, desire long term and sustainable success.

They come to us looking for guidance, support and for help to identify the solutions that will bring about life changing results.

Yes, we could go down the route of heavily restricting an individuals calories and put them through weeks of gruelling high intensity, high volume and high frequency training, but thats not our approach.

Here’s why:

1. They WON’T and CAN’T sustain that level of restriction. Once the end date of such a period is over, then in most cases it will lead to a period of binge eating. This also changes an individuals perception of what dieting is and mostly revolves around pain, in the form of hunger, aggressive restrictions on daily calories consumed and the consumption of unpalatable and tasteless foods.

2. They WON’T and CAN’T sustain the level of intensity and volume of exercise given. Their lifestyle and time available just won’t allow it. They factored it in for a period of time with no consideration for what their game plan was afterwards?

3. Their body CAN’T sustain such physical demands and they will start picking up injuries, costing them more money through physiotherapy and rehabilitative treatments.

4. At the end of the given period of time, they’ll want to train less and consume more calories. A double whammy for rapid weight gain.

ALWAYS ask yourself. Can I realistically sustain this?

If the answer is no, then ask yourself why? Is it too restrictive? Is it a lifestyle issue? Is it too time consuming? Is it the enjoyment factor? Is it too hard? Etc etc.

The rapid results approach is like a pay day loan. The interest you’ll end up paying back will be enormous.

Do your research!

A trainer will train you but a good coach will be able to help you seek solutions for ongoing improvement.

Keep active, stay consistent

Neil & Mark
Team Bespoke


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