Turning Fat Into Muscle – MYTH???

How often have you heard someone talk about turning fat into muscle or since they stopped training, all their muscle has turned to fat?

Contrary to what you might believe or may have been told, muscle and fat are two completely different tissues, with their own independent functions and you simply cannot transform fat into muscle or vice versa.

Skeletal muscle tissue, of which there are over 650 in the human body, attach to our bones by tendons and they produce all the voluntary movements of the body that we consciously make each day.

Skeletal muscle tissue is also metabolically active, meaning that it helps us to burn calories throughout the day, even whilst at rest and is important to help us stay lean.

Body fat is also important as it serves as a form of energy, absorbs certain nutrients and helps us to maintain our core body temperature and provide insulation, but too much body fat can be dangerous to our health.

There are generally two types of fat storage within our bodies.

1) Subcutaneous Fat – This is the fat that sits beneath the skin and is the fat that we can see when weight is gained.

2) Visceral Fat – This is the dangerous fat that we can’t see, surrounding the vital
organs and is linked with various diseases such as heart disease, certain cancers and the onset of type 2 diabetes.

Sure, you can lose body fat by creating a caloric deficit through exercise and making appropriate changes to your daily eating habits and over time you will increase lean muscle tissue with specific methods of weight training and considered nutrition, but
the idea of transforming one tissue into another is simply fictitious.

Keep active, stay consistent
Neil & Mark


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