Detox – Don’t waste your money

It’s at this time of the year when we see well-marketed pyramid companies claiming that they have the magical slimming pill, or that miracle potion, to help detox your body and find a solution to all your weight loss goals.

In our opinion, these detox fads aren’t worth the money, mostly contain cheap ingredients to maximise on profit margins of the companies selling them and are largely based on unproven claims.

Research on detox diets is scarce and, according to a recent study, not very convincing as they suffer from “small sample sizes, sampling bias, lack of control groups, reliance on self-support and qualitative rather than quantitative measurements”.

Despite the lack of evidence these detox diets and commercial cleanses remain popular. Mainly because they claim rapid weight loss solutions, aimed at vulnerable people desperate to lose weight.

A 2009 investigation found that not a single company behind 15 detox supplements could supply any form of evidence to support their products claims. Worse still, these companies couldn’t provide any evidence for the safety of their products either.

There will be some individuals who report good weight loss success in the short term, when starting out on a detox diet. In our opinion this is mainly because the individual is consuming fewer calories and eating better in general than they usually would, whilst also taking the weight loss supplement. They then attribute the health benefits to the detox supplement or cleanse that they have completed. It could also be said that many detox diets have a placebo effect on the individual and their belief in the product.

Your body is your best detox.

Your body is equipped with its very own and advanced detoxification system, in the form of your liver and kidneys. They do a perfectly good job on their own at ridding the body of any unwanted toxins and will be far more efficient and effective than any fad detox diet or cleanse will ever claim to be.

It sounds predictable, and certainly not as marketable or as profitable, but in our opinion eating more single ingredient foods, in the form of fruits and vegetables, consuming more quality lean proteins and taking more physical activity and exercise on a regular basis is the only way.

Keep active and spend your money on quality, nutritious food.

Neil & Mark


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