Try Something New

Before you kick start your New Year fitness regime, have a think about and learn from any previous failed attempts that you’ve tried, in order to get fit and lose weight.

Write them down and identify the reasons why you struggled to sustain it?

Usually when we fail to sustain and adhere to a plan, it’s because the approach was too aggressive in the first place.

For example…

  • Calories are far too low and restrictive.
  • Carbohydrates or Fats are removed completely from your daily diet, instead of incorporating all three  macronutrients (Carbs, Fats and Proteins)…..They ALL play their own important role!
  • Meal choices become more limiting and challenging to plan as a result of the above, and you quickly become bored with food and meal times.
  • The duration, frequency and intensity of your training is all too much together, that it can quickly demotivate you and it becomes demoralising.
  • You find that you’re picking up niggles and injuries because your body and conditioning isn’t up to the increased stresses and workloads……Simply you run out of steam and can’t sustain any of it…….

This coming year, change your plan of attack to a much more sustainable approach.

  • Log and make a note of what you eat and start by consuming the same amount of calories everyday. Basic calorie management will give you a structure to your daily nutritional habits, without it becoming too complicated when starting out…..Apps like My Fitness Pal are great for this!
  • Start by simply moving more day to day and think more about the types of daily physical activity that you can do, without having to put your gym gear on. Walk, increase your daily steps, use the stairs, ditch the car where you can and if you get that fitness wearable for xmas then use that to record your daily physical activity and steps……Accountability is everything!
  • Keep your gym sessions or home based workouts shorter in duration (20-30 minutes) but focus on a bit more intensity (2-3 times a week).
  • Enjoy the workouts or daily physical activity that you do.
  • Drink a bit more water each day than you usually would.
  • If you’re new to all of this then speak to a fitness professional and seek advice on full body resistance exercise.
  • Don’t be disheartened or discouraged  by those off days, we all have them and we will continue to have them, just acknowledge and accept this and get yourself back on track as soon as you can.

The biggest thing is to remain CONSISTENT and that you stick to your NEW game plan.

Steady and progressive will always win through for you in the end.

Keep active

Neil & Mark


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