Eat Fat to Burn Fat?

You’ve probably heard the phrase ‘Eat Fat to Burn Fat’? You may have even read an article about The Best Fat Burning Foods that you should be consuming? But does this actually work in the way that you think?


Food For Thought

Here at Bespoke Fitness we aren’t big fans of quick fix diets and the rapid results approach, although they do have their place and work for some people in the short term.

Turning Fat Into Muscle – MYTH???

How often have you heard someone talk about turning fat into muscle or since they stopped training, all their muscle has turned to fat? Contrary to what you might believe or may have been told, muscle and fat are two completely different tissues, with their own independent functions and you simply cannot transform fat into…

Normal life doesn’t have to stop!

Just because you’re trying to lose weight and improve your body composition doesn’t mean that your social life has to come to a complete stop.

Why women should lift weights

There are many barriers, misconceptions and motivational factors which influence women in relation to weight training. Lack of knowledge of weight training methods, body image fears of becoming bulky and feeling intimidated when in the gym are just some of the examples that we’ve heard over the years and why some women choose not to make weight training part of their fitness plan.

Your body is your best Detox

It’s at this time of the year when we see well-marketed pyramid companies claiming that they have the magical slimming pill, or that miracle potion, to help detox your body and find a solution to all your weight loss goals.

Discover your inner why?

When it comes to improving our health and wellbeing we know that there is no one ‘perfect’ solution or one-size-fits-all plan that can help us to achieve our goals.

New Year, New Approach?

Before you kick start your New Year fitness regime, have a think about and learn from any previous failed attempts that you’ve tried, in order to get fit and lose weight. Write them down and identify the reasons why you struggled to sustain it.